5 Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals Using Social Media

We’re in an age where the general public is hungry for free health advice. So it’s no surprise I’m seeing an increasing number of health and wellness professionals  interested in stepping up their social media presences. After all, social media offers a grand opportunity for health pros (such as chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, skincare consultants, optometrists, etc.) to engage an audience and convert that committed audience into clients.apple

Just a couple of social media tips for the health and wellness crowd…

1) Don’t Be “Too Clinical” – Remember, you want to appeal to “regular” people so keep the medical jargon in check. Sound intelligent (no one likes a stupid doctor) but approachable (no one likes an elitist doctor either). Check out Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil on television if you’re not sure about how technical you want to get.

2) Answer Questions – What questions? You know how when you’re at a party, and word gets out that you’re a whatever-ocologist and then random strangers start hitting you up for free advice? Those questions. Use your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to help people with short, concise bits of information. Your audience will love you and regard you as an expert. Just remember to be brief; they can always come in to see you if they need more information.

3) Connect With Other Practitioners – Build your network sphere by connecting with other (non-competing) health and wellness practitioners in your community. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, guest blog for each other, post testimonials for one another. Build a referral group and cross-promote each other. To get started, do searches on LinkedIn to find other health and wellness professionals in your neighbourhood.

4) Care About Your CommunityUse neighbourhood hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be a fixture in your neighbourhood and care about what’s happening locally so that you yourself become one of the neighbourhood’s star attractions.

5) Show Your Face – Bedside manner is critical to your line of work. You may be the smartest whatever-ocologist in the city but if you don’t come across as sympathetic, easy to talk to, and appealing, you will lose out on potential clients. Use photos and videos to show your human side, as well as your professionalism. But make sure they are good photos and videos, otherwise they can work against you. Showing your face with a well-produced YouTube video and professional headshot are great ways to build instant rapport with your audience.

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  1. askdrjames on August 11, 2013 at 10:22 am

    great tips. thanks