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Social Media Marketing

Why Creativity Is More Important Than Productivity During A Pandemic

So… we’re in the middle of a pandemic. The Coronavirus has most of the free world under some form of quarantine or lockdown. How are you holding up, business owners? These are unprecedented times. And our businesses are being affected in unprecedented ways. It feels like half the Internet experts are telling entrepreneurs that this…

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3 Ways To Stop Overthinking Your Social Media

Are you an overthinker? We normally associate entrepreneurship with doers, but at the same time, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be overthinkers. After all, people who run their own businesses tend to have high standards – they are often perfectionists. And, they have to be. After all, when you are running a company, there…

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Why No One Cares About Your “About Us” Post

About Us blog posts and videos are often a hard sell. This is because people have a low attention span on social media, and are unlikely to want to spend time learning about you and your business, even though they might benefit tremendously. You can make a more appealing About Us or About Me post by making your post about them – your target audience. Set out to solve the problems and frustrations they face instead of making it all about you. Add credibility by including testimonials and reviews from reputable parties. And, be sure to drop your About Us or About me post only AFTER you’ve provided tons of valuable advice and established rapport and trust.

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3 Ways To Launch A Blog For Free In Under An Hour

If your excuses for not launching a blog are it’s too technical, it’s too expensive, or it’s too time-consuming… stop right there. What if I told you that you could launch a blog in under an hour, for free, with little to no technical expertise? Check out these 3 blogging platforms to get started: LinkedIn, Medium, and WordPress.

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How To Get Better At Blogging

Your business blog is at the heart of your social media strategy.   So, it helps your business if you’re a good writer.   No pressure.   Writing is a skill that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. So, don’t feel bad if you find blogging to be difficult.   Writing is hard.   If…

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How To Manage More Than 5 Instagram Accounts

One of my favorite first world problems has to be managing multiple Instagram accounts.   And yet, I know I’m not the only one who has to deal with this challenge, because this is the world we live in nowadays.   There are many valid reasons for you to have more than one Instagram account.…

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4 Instagram Hacks For Strategic Business Owners

  Remember when Instagram first started out? It was a fun little app where you could add funky filters to your personal digital photographs and make them look super artsy (maybe even pseudo professional), and then share those pictures with your friends and the rest of the world. Fast forward a couple of years, and…

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