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Social Media Marketing

What I Learned About Social Media in Kindergarten

Thirty sets of unblinking little eyes were staring at me. Judging me. Why did Mrs. T make me sit in this giant, conspicuous chair? I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in that scene from “Kindergarten Cop.” Except, I was a social media manager and way more awkward.

Then it hit me.

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What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

Have you ever considered hiring a Social Media Manager for your business? Or are you like many entrepreneurs, who are not really clear on what it is that a Social Media Manager does? We’re just now starting to get a handle on what it means to be a Social Media Manager, and the important role this job plays in business.

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What Star Wars Can Teach Business Owners About Social Media

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a big Star Wars fan. The truth is, I think about Star Wars all the time. I can make anything relate to Star Wars. Got a problem? Need motivation? Trouble picking a restaurant? There’s a Star Wars scene for that. So, it should come as no surprise…

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What Spider-Man Can Teach Business Owners About Social Media

If things aren’t working out for you and your business on social media, it might be time to step back and ask yourself an important question… 
Who are you without the suit?
What do I mean by this? 
Let me back up so I can explain my obsession with Spider-Man.
(There’s a point to this, I promise.)

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Is Social Media Distracting You From Your Business?

3 Reasons Every Small Business Needs to Use a Social Media Scheduler In my experience, most small and medium-sized business owners don’t need convincing when it comes to social media. They know their audience will find them on social media. They know they’ll get results if they have a consistent, value-driven presence on social media.…

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