WordPress Says No More Twitter Auto-Sharing

Twitter Enterprise API could force many smaller apps and third-party tools out of the market.

Heads up, WordPress bloggers, you will no longer be able to auto-share your Wordpress blogs to Twitter.

WordPress follows many other applications and third-party tools that have recently been bowing out of Twitter integrations.

This is all because Twitter has rolled out a new pricing plan for API access, that comes with a hefty price increase while reducing the capacity of developer and researcher access.

As a result, the Twitter Enterprise API could force many smaller apps and third-party tools out of the market.

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How to Use the Social Media Big 5

If you are an entrepreneur owner using social media to promote your business, you need to know about the Social Media Big 5. Different digital marketers are going to have varying opinions, but for the most part, the majority will agree the Big 5 are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. If you’re wondering about…

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How to Use Twitter Like an Entrepreneur

When it comes to Twitter, do your tweets soar like eagles or tank like turkeys? For all its simplicity, Twitter still seems to mystify a lot of entrepreneurs who want to use it to promote their businesses. So what separates the excellent tweets from the duds? Amazing content above anything else, but remember these guidelines…

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Why Share Other People's Social Media Content?

As an entrepreneur using Facebook, Twitter and other social media for marketing purposes, your major concern should be coming up with awesome original content to share with your followers. But don’t forget about sharing other people’s content too. Sharing other people’s content is good for you, good for them, good for your followers, and just…

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3 Harsh Truths About Social Media Marketing

If you’re a small business owner getting ready to launch (or re-launch) a social media marketing campaign, get ready for a roller-coaster ride of emotions. At first you may think, “Hey, social media is free and easy, what could possibly go wrong?” And then reality sets in. Harsh, harsh reality. To avoid some heartache, be…

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Size Matters: Updated Social Media Image Specs

Heads up! Facebook is rolling out a new look this month. If your business is on Facebook, you’ll want to make sure your images (profile, cover, previews, app icons, etc.) meet the right specifications so that they look their best. It’s a little thing, but it goes a long way in giving your business a…

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57% of Small Businesses in Canada Use Social Media

In case you were wondering if using social media to market businesses was just a passing fad, check out this report from BMO Financial Group: The majority of small business owners (57 per cent) use social media – up from 40 per cent in 2012 Half of all businesses (46 per cent) use social media…

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How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags (those hyperlinks symbolized with a “#”) pop up all over the place in social media, but are most common on Twitter and Instagram. They are used to organize conversations; when you click on them, you’ll see recent posts carrying the same hashtag, so that you can eavesdrop on or take part in a live…

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Social Media Survival Tips for the Holidays!

We are fast approaching the holiday season and while your thoughts may be slipping from running a small business to last minute shopping and how to ambush that special someone under the mistletoe, let’s please keep a few social media parameters in check: 1) DON’T make it easy for thieves to rob you – If…

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