Social Media Survival Tips for the Holidays!

We are fast approaching the holiday season and while your thoughts may be slipping from running a small business to last minute shopping and how to ambush that special someone under the mistletoe, let’s please keep a few social media parameters in check:reindeer cool

1) DON’T make it easy for thieves to rob you – If you’re going away on vacation, it’s not a great idea to announce that your home and place of business are empty. Any thieving lurker can find out on Facebook or Twitter when you’ve left the city, Google Map your location, and even Yelp a nice nearby restaurant to celebrate their easy pickings afterwards. If you can help it, please keep your vacation status off the Internet until you get back.

2) DON’T get all religious (or anti-religious, for that matter) – Look, we all know it’s a holy time of year. And that means different things to different people. If you’re on social media for BUSINESS, stay business-like, unless you want to alienate any followers who don’t share your beliefs. The old rules of leaving religion and politics out of your professional presence hold true all year. If someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” or “What up, Atheist?” don’t get all bent out of shape… they were just trying to be nice. Move on.

3) DON’T post while drunk – For some of you, that means stay off of Facebook and Twitter until January 2. You know who you are. Party on.

Now that that’s said, how about some social media DO’s for the season?

1) DO meet new people– Attend parties and networking events and get people’s social media coordinates so you can follow up with them in the New Year. This is an opportunity to build your following.

2) DO plan for the New Year – Think about where your social media strategy is headed Ask yourself where you want to be in a year and how you can use social media to get there. Make a plan and stick to it… make it a New Year’s resolution. Read 4 Questions to Kick-Start Your Business’s Social Media Strategy. If you get stuck, call your friendly, neighborhood Social Media Trainer (me).

Best wishes! 🙂