4 Questions to Kick-Start Your Business's Social Media Strategy

Holy Hashtags, Batman… can you believe it’s already December?

This time of year, while normal people are wondering what to buy and what to eat and who to avoid over the holidays, small business owners and solo-preneurs are likely starting to think about what they can do to drum up more business.

Re-vamping your social media strategy to market your business is a good place to start. Here are some questions to think about to kick-start your business’s social media efforts in the bright new year ahead…

1) Where are your (potential) clients? Do they hang out on Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? Pinterest? YouTube? What are they talking about and what kind of content are they interested in?

2) Where are your (potential) referral partners? These are other small businesses that you want to form relationships with because you can help each other out. The thing to realize is that they are not necessarily on the same social media outlets as your clients; you might connect with your customers on Facebook, but use Twitter for B2B relationships.

3) Where can you find awesome content? If you’re on social media, you need to share great content. Survey the social media landscape, find useful articles, infographics, blogs, etc. and share them with your followers. You’ll learn more about your industry and you will position yourself as an expert in your field. And you’ll get more followers!

4) How can you publish original content? For maximum credibility, nothing beats sharing your own articles, images, ideas and opinions. What type of content do you want to share? If sharing photos is your thing, look into Instagram and Pinterest. Maybe videos are the best way to reach your particular audience and you should start a YouTube channel. Or perhaps blogging is the way to go. Or maybe it’s a bunch of things 😉

Need some extra guidance kick-starting your social media strategy in the new year? Get in touch for a social media training session with me!

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