5 Marketing Video Mistakes [audio clips]

I recently spoke at a networking event about Marketing Video Mistakes… listen to audio clips by clicking on the links below!
Marketing Video Mistake #1
Marketing Video Mistake #2

You’ve made the decision to create a marketing video… that’s a smart move! But here are 5 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

1. Your video is way too long

Your video only has to be long enough to entice your viewers to look you up for more information. Aim for about 90 seconds or less. And yes, there are some very powerful videos out there that run longer than 2 minutes, but you are way more likely to get clicks and engaged views if you get in, get on with it and get out of there in 90 seconds.

2. You video doesn’t answer any burning questions

If all your video does is describe you and your products and services, it’s not going to get a whole lot of interest. Sure, there are people out there who are already thinking of hiring you and they want to learn more about you, so by all means, an “about us” video is great for that. BUT, what about all the people who don’t know they need you yet (i.e. MOST people)?

When at work, you have likely noticed that you get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again. Why not make a video that answers some of these burning questions? Then people who are searching the web for answers to these questions will find… your video! And your video will lead them to you.

3. Your video is more like an “advertisement” and less like a “show”

We humans are bombarded with advertising all day, every day. Therefore, if your video comes across as advertising, your viewer will likely tune out. If, however it comes across as free advice, something informative and entertaining, you’re much more likely to gain a receptive audience.

4. Your video is difficult to watch.

This is where things get technical. Make sure your video is well-edited and has good lighting and good sound so that it isn’t pure drudgery to sit through. Make sure it loads up quickly and plays back smoothly. Having an unwatchable video is like having bad breath when meeting your potential client. When in doubt… hire a pro to shoot and edit for you.

5. Your video is difficult to share.

Make sure your video is easy to share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In fact, it helps to have a solid presence in social media before you launch a video marketing campaign.

Two years ago, it barely mattered if you were on social media but now, video and social media go together. You won’t get as much mileage out of your video if all you do is plonk it on your website and email the link around. Love it or hate it, social media is a driving force for sharing videos these days.

Always keep the viewer in mind when you’re creating a marketing video and you are bound to get better results!