Need Blog Ideas? Ask Your Followers!

It’s happened to all of us: we want to blog often but there are times when we get stuck for fresh ideas. There may be days when you say to yourself, “I have already written about everything.”goldfish-ideas

Well, I’m here to tell you that even though it may sometimes seem that way, it’s very unlikely you’ve single-handedly tapped out every idea that is and ever was about whatever field of excellence you work in. If you’re stuck for a blog topic, go to your most valuable resource: your clients. And while you’re at it, hit your potential clients as well.

Simply send out an email, or post on Facebook, or Tweet, or heck even blog an invitation to your audience to ask you questions and tell them that you will make an effort to answer them and even mention or feature them on your blog.

Not only will this give you fresh ideas for your blog, it will also…

  • engage your followers by inviting them to start a conversation with you
  • make it apparent that you care about what is on your followers’ minds
  • consider questions that you as an expert might have taken for granted; what is obvious to you may seem like a total mystery to your public
  • you’ll be able to see where your clients’ (and potential clients’) heads are at; instead of telling them what you want them to know, allow them to tell you what they need

By making it known that you are an accessible resource for valuable information, you’ll encourage better relationships… which can only lead to more business for you! Happy blogging!

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