Who Should Blog for Business?

In ancient times (during the dark ages before blogging and social media were mainstream) business owners attracted customers with, “this is what I have to sell.” In modern times, business owners attract customers with, “this is what I have to teach.”

So you should blog if:buddha

  • you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not living in the past
  • you want to attract, engage, and convert customers
  • you’re an expert and you have something to teach

It’s funny, but lot of business owners get kind of bashful when they’re called “experts”. If you’re one of those people, pause for a second and think about it. Are you really just in business because you want to sell stuff and services? Or is there a higher calling? Do you have something deeper to offer? Think about how you can you actually help and attract clients with your knowledge:

  • Don’t just sell clothes and apparel; give fashion tips.
  • Don’t just sell your clinic; promote health, wellness and nutrition.
  • Don’t just sell you contracting services; offer guidance on home maintenance.
  • Don’t just sell your book; share your wisdom on topics that will interest readers who would benefit from your book.

Your clients are out there and they are hungry for  information. What they are not hungry for are sales pitches. So get out there and share your wisdom, make the world a better place, and grow your business!

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