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How to Identify Your Target Market Using Social Media

Identifying your target audience can be tricky business. As a business owner, if you don’t have your target audience locked down, you risk wasting valuable time and resources marketing ineffectively to people who might not benefit from your product or service. A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is trying to be everything to everyone. In…

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The Secret to Creating Great Content

It’s no big secret that the future of online marketing lies in creating great content. Content is just a buzzword for “information”, and in the context of online marketing, that could come in the form of a blog, a tweet, a video clip, an image, a meme, or anything along those lines. Unlike traditional, “old…

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How to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

If you are an entrepreneur using Instagram to promote your business, you may want to consider switching to an Instagram business profile. Instagram’s decision to provide users with a business option is a significant one. If anything, it acknowledges what business owners have known for some time now – that Instagram has grown into a…

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How to Beat Facebook Algorithms

If you are an entrepreneur and using social media to market your business, you have likely found yourself in a face-off with an algorithm. Facebook’s algorithm (sometimes called EdgeRank) is probably the most despised by business owners and social media marketers. But other social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram also use…

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5 Social Media Marketing Myths BUSTED

When it comes to social media marketing, every entrepreneur has their own theories. Some of these theories are just pure fiction. I feel that most misconceptions about social media marketing come from business owners who are just looking for an excuse to not engage in social media, for whatever reasons they might have: they might…

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5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing

If you write a blog as part of your business marketing strategy, you will want to do everything you can to get your blog to stand out. Good news! Getting noticed and read doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Here are a few easy tactics any entrepreneur or freelancer can use to make their business…

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“What Do I Write About!?” How To Find Topics For Your Blog

Writer’s block happens to all of us. And it bites. If you are a blogger, and particularly if you are an entrepreneur who blogs as a way to promote your business, writer’s block can be particularly terrifying. For the blogging business person, writer’s block is a literal halt to a marketing strategy, which of course…

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How (Some) Social Media Marketing Agencies Try to Screw You

If you are an entrepreneur whose business has reached a point where it makes sense to outsource your social media marketing, congratulations! Delegating your business’s social media marketing is a wise decision if you need to free up some of your own time, or if you would rather someone with more expertise in the area…

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What To Do BEFORE You Launch Your Business On Social Media

I love hearing from entrepreneurs who are eager to launch social media campaigns for their businesses. “Get me on Facebook.” “I want to be a YouTube sensation.” “My company should be dominating Instagram.” They just want to get started. Like… now. Yesterday, even. And while it’s hard to say “hold on a minute” when faced…

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"No School Like Old School" Social Media Marketing

As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we keep up with marketing trends in social media. But it’s also important to remember, particularly if you’re old enough to remember owning a phone that doesn’t take pictures, that when it comes to social media marketing, there’s no school like the old school. If you’re an old school entrepreneur,…

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