How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

Are you a small business owner? Do you send email newsletters as part of your marketing strategy? Do you use Constant Contact to manage your email list and publish your e-newletter? Are you also on Facebook?email-marketing

If you answered yes to all of the above… you’re amazing. Did you also know that you can combine the power of Facebook and Constant Contact?

It’s true! You can add a form directly on your business’s Facebook page (like this), enabling you to encourage people to subscribe to your email publication (and it’s all in line with Canada’s upcoming anti-spam policies).

You may be wondering, “If they’re already following me on Facebook, why do I need them to subscribe to my email updates?” Good question. The answer: because as great as Facebook is for finding and engaging people who are interested in your business, you may miss a few now and then thanks to timing or Facebook filters or any number of factors that are largely out of your control. Being able to send an email directly into a willing subscriber’s inbox just increases your chances that you’ll get read.

So here’s how to add a Constant Contact email subscription form to your Facebook page:

  1. Log into Constant Contact
  2. Go to Home > Sign-Up Tools > Facebook Sign-Up Form
  3. Click “Add App” and select your Facebook business page. Click “Add Page Tab”
  4. Log in to Facebook and visit your page. Select the new “Join My List” app under the  “More” tab
  5. Click “Log In” and sign into Constant Contact. Allow access.
  6. Click”Customize” if you want to upload your logo, change the text, etc.
  7. You’re done! But I’m going to suggest you do one more thing before calling it a day. Click on the “More” tab on your Facebook page one more time and select “Manage Tabs.” Move your “Join My List” tab up in the list, so that visitors can actually see it… otherwise, it will just get lost under “More.” And let’s face it, no one goes under “More.”

Ta-daaah! The power of Facebook and Constant Contact all rolled into one beautiful, integrated digital marketing machine.

Need more guidance on Constant Contact or email marketing? Need someone to ghost-write your emails? Need help setting up or managing your small business’s Facebook page? Get in touch, I love this stuff! – Nishi

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