Marketing Your Business With a Facebook Page? Better Get Ready for Timeline!

By nsndm001 | Mar 5, 2012

Heads up! Remember when Facebook changed the look of your wall and profile by introducing Timeline a little while ago? Still shook up about it? Well,  hold onto your apps because Facebook Timeline for Pages will soon be kicking in. For now, you have a choice to opt in for the new Timeline look. But…

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What's the point of Twitter #Hashtags?

By nsndm001 | Feb 25, 2012

I’ve noticed that many of my social media clients who are just starting out on Twitter are completely perplexed by hashtags: “What’s a hashtag and when do I use them?” Here’s a quick rundown: this is a hashtag symbol: “#” anyone can use the hashtag; all you have to do is type the “#” symbol…

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6 Reasons Your Site Needs Video

By nsndm001 | Feb 21, 2012

Anyone with a successful website knows that content is king. Posting articles is fantastic, but don’t forget photographs and audio links and especially don’t forget about video. What’s that, you say? Why complicate your life with web video? Here are just a couple of reasons why you need to add video to your website: Search engines…

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Explaining Social Media With (Too Many?) Donuts

By nsndm001 | Feb 13, 2012

You’ve likely seen the “Social Media Explained With Donuts”  chart that’s been circulating around the web lately. Jokes aside, this gag is more than just hilarious. It also points out that there are a LOT of social media venues for you to explore. So many, that it can be very overwhelming. As a social media coach,…

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Difficulty Uploading to YouTube? Here's a Troubleshooting List

By nsndm001 | Feb 6, 2012

YouTube has certainly made it easy for you to share video content with the rest of the world, but you may encounter technical difficulties while uploading your videos once in a while. Hey, we all do. Here’s a quick and handy troubleshoot list if you get stuck: Is your file too large? Even if it…

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