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7 Things Business Owners Need to Know About YouTube

By nsndm001 | Feb 21, 2013

When I tell my clients they should consider putting their web videos on YouTube, I often get some mixed reactions. After all, how can something famous for “cat playing piano” videos be taken seriously as a marketing device? Well, surprise! YouTube is much more than just a video player where you can catch up on…

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3 Reasons To Make A "How To" Video

By nsndm001 | Nov 13, 2012

Not only is the ‘how to’ video category the fastest growing category on YouTube (according to Jeff Bullas’ excellent blog), “how to” videos are great for business.  Here are 3 reasons why your business website will benefit by having a “how to” video: 1. Position Yourself As an Expert – It’s one thing to know…

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3 Paths to Good Twitter Karma

By nsndm001 | Oct 24, 2012

Twitter Karma: If you do nice things for people on Twitter, nice things will happen to you. You give a little, you get a little. So here are 3 easy, nice things you can do for others on Twitter that will not only make you feel good (unless you’re a jerk), but will also likely…

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5 Marketing Video Mistakes

By nsndm001 | Sep 20, 2012

I recently spoke at a networking event about Marketing Video Mistakes… listen to audio clips by clicking on the links below! Marketing Video Mistake #1 Marketing Video Mistake #2 You’ve made the decision to create a marketing video… that’s a smart move! But here are 5 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid: 1. Your video…

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4 Reasons to Use Neighbourhood Twitter Hashtags

By nsndm001 | Sep 6, 2012

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ve likely used hashtags. But have you ever done a quick search to see if your neighbourhood has a popular hashtag that might benefit you when you are tweeting about your business? For example in my area, some popular neighbourhood hashtags include: #JunctionTO #Roncesvalles #HighPark and #Toronto. Here are…

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Are your social media links going where you think they're going?

By nsndm001 | Aug 14, 2012

Have you ever clicked on a business’s “Follow Me on Facebook!” link, only to be taken to your own Facebook account? Or to Facebook’s homepage? Or to something even more confusing? How does this happen? In many cases, the person who created the link was logged into their own Facebook account at the time, so…

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No time for Social Media? Try HootSuite!

By nsndm001 | Aug 2, 2012

Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media for business is smart, but it does take time and commitment. Ideally, you’re logging into your accounts, posting, monitoring and engaging every day. As business owners, we don’t always have the time, even if it can only require a few minutes a day. There’s just gotta be an…

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3 Ways to Get More Video Views

By nsndm001 | Jul 16, 2012

Marketing your product or service with a web video is a cost-effective way to get your message out there. That is, if you can get people to watch your video. Here are three ways to get your video more views: 1. Support your video with a social media push Don’t just assume your video is…

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3 Ways to SEO Your Site

By nsndm001 | Jul 9, 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website is vital, so that your site may rank higher in search engine searches and gets noticed. According to web designer Curtis Peters, good SEO doesn’t need to be a huge technical and financial undertaking. “Work to develop content that is meaningful and search engines will reward you and…

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