Favorite Five – Recommended Wisdom To Get You Through The Week

Favorite FiveSo this is exciting… I’m starting a new feature on my blog!

It’s called “Favorite Five – Recommended Wisdom to Get You Through the Week.”

I’m going to share new articles, videos, memes, etc. from content creators I believe have something of value to offer the entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, learners and renegades that typically follow me.

I figure if they’ve helped me out somehow with my business, life and business-life, I should help them help others like me.

Here we go. Have a meaningful week!

– Nishi

1)Like It Or Not, You’re Always Being Evaluated
Facebook post by Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary breaks it down in true Gary fashion: when it comes to your social media presence, you’re always on, and don’t try to game the system.

2) 5 Fake Success Signs You’re Getting Ahead In Life When You’re Not
Blog post by Dr. Isaiah Hankel
Straight hard truth, Isaiah Hankel reveals what it means to be truly successful.

3) 11 Vital Books for First-Time Entrepreneurs
Andrew Medal for Entrepreneur Magazine
Andrew read 197 books between 2011 and 2013. Here are 11 of his picks for new and not-so-new entrepreneurs.

4) Day traders rarely make history
Blog post by Seth Godin
What are you postponing?

5) Dear Entrepreneur Who Has Lost Their Passion
John Addison via Success Magazine
In case you need a boost (and who doesn’t?)