Why Introverted Entrepreneurs Are Great At Social Media

If you’re an introverted entrepreneur, you may sometimes feel like a misfit in the world of business.Why Introverts

Especially since the usual roles that an entrepreneur plays day-to-day (marketer, salesperson, leader, networker) tend to be more commonly attributed to extroverts, not so much introverts.

After all, extroverts tend to be more outgoing, outspoken, demonstrative and expressive. Introverts are those quiet weirdos who stay near the buffet table at parties.

But wait, don’t dismiss yourselves yet, you quiet weirdos. Introverts have many desirable qualities that give them an edge, particularly when it comes to marketing their businesses on social media.

Here are a few reasons why introverted business owners make great social media marketers:

1. Introverts are great at making one-to-one connections.

While introverts tend to be kind of lousy at loud parties and large social events, they are actually very good at making deep, meaningful one-to-one connections. Introverts value having a close inner circle of serious friends over a huge following of fair-weather friends.

In social media, there’s a tendency to be fixated on how many followers we can rake in, when really all that matter is how many meaningful and worthwhile connections you’re making. In other words, who cares if you have legions upon legions of faceless followers? The question is, are they the right followers? Are they contacts that will love your work, buy your service and refer you to others? Bottom line, introverts understand that it’s important to zero in on their target audience. They understand that when it comes to relationships, depth is more important than breadth.

2. Introverts need less validation from others.

Introverts don’t require as much approval from other people, which is why they tend to do their own thing. This is also why many of them get labelled as anti-social. Ironically, being anti-social actually helps introverts excel at social media because there are times, especially in the beginning, when it feels like no one is paying any attention to you on social media. It can get lonely out there, and introverts handle solitude much better than extroverts.

It’s also a clever marketing strategy to stand out and have your own unique voice on social media. So being in the habit of not fitting in becomes a bonus when you’re cutting through the noise.

3. Introverts are great listeners.

Introverts tend to say less and listen more. As important as it is to have a compelling message on social media, you also need to be a great listener. What responses are you getting? What messages resonate with your audience? Are you attracting the audience you want? Paying attention, as opposed to always trying to be the center of attention, is a vital superpower when you’re marketing your business on social media.

4. Introverts are easily bored and distracted.

Don’t ever talk about the weather with an introvert. It’s not that they’re impolite it’s just that they don’t have the attention span for mundane things.

Social media is a constantly shifting landscape. It can be downright unpredictable. Introverts dig this. There’s no chance to get bored! There’s always something new happening.

5. Introverts are great writers.

Not surprisingly, many introverts become writers. Writing is lonely, stressful, obsessive, painful work… what could be more introverted?!

Bottom line, great writing is the backbone of great content and great content is the foundation for any successful social media marketing campaign.

Whether you’re writing blogs, writing scripts for your YouTube videos, writing  headlines, writing tweets, writing questions for your podcast… it all starts with great writing.

So power on, introverts! You might not have the same social media marketing approach as an extroverted entrepreneur, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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