Difficulty Uploading to YouTube? Here's a Troubleshooting List

YouTube has certainly made it easy for you to share video content with the rest of the world, but you may encounter technical difficulties while uploading your videos once in a while. Hey, we all do. Here’s a quick and handy troubleshoot list if you get stuck:

  • Is your file too large? Even if it is within the YouTube limits, it might be too heavy for your Internetconnection.


    youtube-logo (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)

  • Is your video too long? Try to keep your video to under 10 minutes as you may not be approved for longer videos.
  • Is there any copyrighted music or other material in your video? Your video may get pulled down, or your audio might get stripped… so you’re left with a silent movie!
  • How’s your connection? Have you updated your browser? Are your Firewall, browser privacy settings, or ad blockers possibly messing things up?
  • Are you using any fancy symbols in your filename? Be sure to only use standard characters.

For more YouTube help, follow this link.