How to Blog More Efficiently

While maintaining a blog for your small business reaps tons of rewards, I’m not going to lie – blogging with consistency can feel like a monumental task at times. After all, we’re small business owners, we have a lot going on.Storming Down The Homestretch

So how do we manage this massive task week after week, when inspiration, creativity, time and willingness are such limited resources? Here are three ways to become a more efficient blogger:

1) Schedule a Writing Time

Decide how often you want to publish your blog and then schedule time once a week (or twice a month, whatever) to write. Give yourself a limited time slot and get it done. Notice I said schedule time to write, not schedule time to think of ideas. That’s number two below…

2) Keep a Running List of Ideas

Often times, the hardest part of blogging isn’t the actual writing, it’s coming up with good ideas on what to write about. Try to avoid getting yourself into a situation where you have to force inspiration by keeping a running list of ideas by your desk or in your laptop bag or on your iPhone or be an anarchist like me and use a Post-It. Yeah, seriously, a Post-It. Add bullets and lists and subheadings to the Post-It whenever they hit you. Then when your scheduled time slot for writing your blog rolls around, hit something on that list that either appeals to you in that moment or is already mostly fleshed out in all its Post-It glory.

3) Steal Other People’s Ideas

Haha! Just kidding. No seriously, don’t steal.  That’s not cool. But what you want to do is keep your senses open and “borrow” (not steal) from your environment. It will keep your brain fertile for inspiring ideas. Every time a client asks you a question (especially if it’s a question that seems like it has SUCH an obvious answer… because these are the things we as experts take for granted and need to address in our blogs) write it down on the Post-It. Keep reading industry blogs and articles and follow trends and news; agree, disagree, spin and reinvent, whatever it takes to turn it into fodder for your blog. Keep adding to the Post-It so that when it’s time to write, you hit the ground running like a thoroughbred out of the gates.

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– Nishi

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