3 Reasons To Make A "How To" Video

Not only is the ‘how to’ video category the fastest growing category on YouTube (according to Jeff Bullas’ excellent blog), “how to” videos are great for business.  Here are 3 reasons why your business website will benefit by having a “how to” video:

1. Position Yourself As an Expert – It’s one thing to know your stuff, but do they know you know our stuff? You can have all the education and testimonials and experience in the world, but if you have a “how to” video, all of a sudden your credibility soars. It’s a lot like having a published book. A slick video will make you look like the pro you are.

2. Show Them You Can Teach – Chances are, a big part of your product or service depends on how good a teacher you are. For instance, you might be a financial planner with a “how to” video on money management. Or a personal trainer showing us how to stretch. Or a music teacher showing us how to play a song on guitar, or a cooking class instructor showing us a fast recipe that kids will like, or a make-up artist showing us how to do a smokey eye effect, or a golf pro showing us a proper swing technique… see where I’m going with this?

So if you can show your target audience that you’re a good teacher, they will be more likely to look to you for advice and service as opposed to someone who is uncommunicative, unorganized, intimidating, etc.

3. To Know You Is To Love You – A “how to” video is a great opportunity to put your best foot forward and meet your potential market without the benefit of securing a face-to-face meeting with them. Let them see how smart, attractive, personable, trustworthy and unique you are. Furthermore, you’re doing something nice for them right off the bat: you’re giving them free advice! So how can they not like you? A “how to” video makes an excellent first impression.

Furthermore, video in general is an asset to any website: it helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it keeps people on your business website longer. Read 6 Reasons Your Site Needs Video to learn more on that topic.

So think about it… if you had the chance to produce a “how to” video, what would it be about? What expertise do you have to share with the world?