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How to Auto-Schedule Your Social Media Without Looking Like a Jerk

Business owners are busy, so dedicating even just 15 minutes a day to social media updates can seem overwhelming. While it’s always better to be “live” with your Tweeting, Facebook-ing and LinkedIn-ing, let’s be practical. There comes a point where you may have to consider *shudder!* auto-scheduling. Personally, I use HootSuite to schedule my social…

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Face-Melting Twitter Statistics You Need to Think About

Many entrepreneurs who use social media to promote their businesses are quick to dismiss Twitter. I think it’s because Twitter has a funny name. And it can be a little cutesy-pie: what with its blue bird logo, mystifying lingo, and 140-character limit. But on a more practical level, Twitter does have a reputation of being…

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How to Launch Your New Blog When Money Is Tight

So you’ve decided to blog for your small business… Congratulations! Blogging is a killer way to engage potential clients and position yourself as an expert in your industry. But wait, you’re an entrepreneur, just starting out and you have limited resources. No worries, here are 4 tips to consider before launching your brilliant blog on…

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