How to Launch Your New Blog When Money Is Tight

So you’ve decided to blog for your small business… Congratulations! Blogging
is a killer way to engage potential clients and position yourself as an expert
in your industry.piggy

But wait, you’re an entrepreneur, just starting out and you have limited
resources. No worries, here are 4 tips to consider before
launching your brilliant blog on a budget:

1) Combine your website with your blog – No need to pay for 2 domains or twice the hosting; just combine the two together.  As a bonus, integrating your blog with your website will improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization!

2) Make your own updates – Even if you’re not a techie, platforms like WordPress make blogging very simple. If you’re not comfortable building the blog from scratch, you can ask your blog/web designer if they can set it up and then teach you how to maintain it; that will save you dollars in the long run.

3) Use a template – Save time and money by using a template and customizing it to suit your brand. WordPress has lots of templates and plugins available for little to no cost.

4) Use social media to publicize your blog – Remember, with blogs there is no such thing as “if you build it, they will come.” You have to campaign for your blog and get a following. Social media is a very logical (and mostly free) way to drive traffic to your blog.

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