[VIDEO] Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Write An eBook

Today, I want to talk about why it’s important for every business owner to write an eBook.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re a business owner, not a writer.

But, the fact is, writing an eBook is a great way to improve your online presence.

Number one, writing an eBook is a great way to improve your credibility with your social media audience. If you write an eBook, even if it’s just 25 pages long, or even if you’re just giving it away for free, or even if it’s just available in a digital format and you’ve never had it printed, you’re still going to improve your credibility with your audience.

Think about it. How many people do you know have written a book of any kind, right?

So, if you present yourself on social media, or on your website, or on your blog, and say, “I’ve written this book, please download it for free.” It’s automatically going to make you look like an expert in the eyes of your audience.

Number two, you’ve heard me say lots of times how important it is to use social media to grow your email list.

Well, if you offer an eBook as a lead magnet, as a value-add for your audience, it is an incredible way to grow your email list. It’s much more effective than just saying, “Hey, subscribe to my list” or, “If you want more of this content, please subscribe.” If you’re giving them a gift, a free eBook, that they can simply download in exchange for giving you their email address, you’ll find your list will grow exponentially fast, all of a sudden.

And finally, you’re going to find that writing an eBook is a lot easier to do than maybe you think it is. If you’re a business owner, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re already an expert in something. You can easily fill a book with just a part of what you know.

And, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, all you actually have to do is compile a bunch of your best blogs and there you go, you have an eBook. Just make a PDF out of it. Make it downloadable from your website or blog, and there you go, you’re ready to go.

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