[VIDEO] The Problem With "Going Viral" On Social Media

This week I want to talk a bit about this crazy preoccupation we all seem to have about going viral on social media.

Going viral, of course, is putting out a piece of content, such as a video for instance, and getting a mad number of hits overnight and just becoming wildly popular, uncontrollably, over a short amount of time.

Now, we hear about this happening a lot in the media, but this doesn’t actually happen often in reality.

And in any case, going viral doesn’t always translate into business growth in real life.

What I mean to say is, just because you get a lot of attention for a piece of content that you put out there, doesn’t necessarily mean that people are downloading, or signing up, or registering, or buying, or subscribing, or doing whatever it is that you want them to do.

So, what I want you to be obsessed with, rather than going viral, I want you to be obsessed with being strategic and putting out content that is first of all, attracting the right audience.

Because – just because you’re attracting a huge audience doesn’t mean you’re attracting the right audience.

And second of all, I want you to concentrate on building relationships with that audience.

So, you don’t just want to attract them for one day, you want to keep them coming back for more, and build rapport and trust with them.

So that eventually, they might buy from you.

This obsession with creating something that goes viral is really indicative of a huge problem that we have – and that is, we want everything fast and easy.

And relationships are not fast and easy. (Some of them are, but ideally they’re not!)

They take time to build and you want to build meaningful relationships so that you can grow your business in a meaningful way.

So, it’s sort of like choosing between wanting to be a one-hit-wonder versus being like the Beatles.

So do you, as a business, want to be the Beatles or do you want to be like Katrina and the Waves? I like Katrina and the Waves but they’re nowhere to be seen today, so, think about it, and hopefully you choose the Beatles.

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