[VIDEO] Why Introverts Are Great At Social Media Marketing

When you think of what it means to be an introvert, what comes to mind?

Most people will immediately think of someone who is on the quiet side. Someone who does a lot of thinking, and not a lot of talking. Doesn’t like to socialize too much. Hates loud, bright places. Kind of a loner.

Basically, a quiet, nerdy (although probably still very lovable) weirdo.

We don’t tend to think of introverts as entrepreneurs.

Or as social media marketers.

Or content creators.

But the thing is, many successful business owners are introverts.

And, many of them are very influential on social media.

They might not do things the more familiar, more extroverted way – instead, they do things their own way.

The introverted way.

In fact, being an introvert has many advantages when it comes to excelling at building a social media presence.

Here are just a few ways where introverted business owners are amazing at social media…

Introverts prefer deeper relationships

Introverts are not known for having lots of connections.

They are, however, known to prefer cultivating deeper relationships.

Introverts tend to favor fewer, but more meaningful relationships, as opposed to entertaining a large number of superficial relationships.

On social media, we tend to focus on how many people we can interact with, but the truth is, there’s really no point in having a million followers if only a small percentage of them are people you are able to help with your product, service, or message.

Introverts naturally focus in on where they can add and receive value, instead of spinning their wheels trying to win a popularity contest.

This translates into better return on investment for their interactions on social media.

Introverts need less validation

You don’t have to look far on social media to find someone in desperate need of validation.

And, the truth is, who doesn’t like getting approval on social media?

Every like, every share, every comment gives you a small rush, doesn’t it? It’s okay to admit it, it’s only natural.

Introverts aren’t immune to wanting the approval of others, but they tend to be less reliant on it.

More often than not, they are more comfortable going their own way, rather than doing something they don’t like as a means to win the approval of others.

This is a strong quality to have when you’re building a social media presence, particularly when you are just starting out.

When launching a social media presence, the temptation to try and be everything to everyone, in order to gain popularity fast, is fierce.

But, giving into this temptation usually backfires in a big way.

By diluting your brand, you risk getting lost in the noise, and not standing out in any way.


Introverts are less afraid of not being liked and will more likely stick to their guns when forging out their identity on social media.

On social media, you have to be brave enough to want to be something different, so that the right crowd gravitates towards you.

But, this means that you also have to be unafraid of alienating the wrong audience.

If you’re starving for approval on social media, you run the risk of doing something off-brand and hurting your business.

Introverts are less likely to fall into this trap of wanting approval so much that they lose sight of their vision for their social media presence.

Introverts are great listeners

Well, a big part of being strong on social media is being a great listener.

Introverts tend to be great listeners.

By nature, they don’t say as much as extroverts, but they listen hard.

This is one of the reasons they excel at deeper relationships.

If you’re on social media, and all you’re doing is talking, you are missing a great opportunity to learn about you target audience.

Being a gifted listener, being able to receive feedback and read in between the lines of online conversations will help you understand the most important aspect of your business, which is your intended audience, and learn how you can bring value to them.

Introverts work alone

You can’t build a strong social media presence without creating great content.

Content creation, for the most part, is a solitary experience.

Unless you are a huge company and you work with a large agency that creates your content for you, you will most likely be writing blogs or shooting videos by your lonesome self.

And, there’s nothing wrong with that, when you’re an introvert!

Introverts prefer to work alone. They feel more productive and less hindered by having too many “chefs in the kitchen.”

Working alone allows them to get in a flow state and create something that is true to themselves and in alignment with their business.

Not everyone likes to work alone, but if you create your own social media content, you are definitely at an advantage if you are an introvert.

Introverts have zero tolerance for small talk

Ever try talking to an introvert about the weather?

If you have, you know it didn’t go over very well.

In fact, it was probably a disaster.

Introverts have a hard time handling small talk.

They tend to look for the deeper meaning in things. They want to know what resonates when they’re talking to someone.

They look for real engagement.

On social media, engagement is everything.

Your content has to resonate, or it won’t get noticed.

And, you won’t get followed.

Introverts will get bored with superficial interactions on social media, the same way as they get irritated with small talk.

Instead, they will intuitively want to put out meaningful content that resonates with a niche audience, and engage in productive relationships.

Introverts don’t come up often in discussions about business ownership, online marketing, or social media. We normally associate extroverts with these kinds of activities. But, the truth is, introverts are very well-suited for social media marketing, just as they are for entrepreneurship. Introverts intuitively seek out deeper connections than extroverts. They require less validation, which helps them stay on-brand with their social media presence. They tend to be better listeners and are great at creating content, which can be a solitary experience. And finally, they have low tolerance for meaningless chit-chat, which means they tend to support meaningful engagement on social media that resonates with their target audience.


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