[VIDEO] How To Get Results On Social Media

Today, I want to talk about a problem I hear about a lot.

I get people, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, telling me that people are reading their blog, and watching their videos, and absorbing their content, but they’re not doing the thing that it is that they want them to do.

They’re not clicking, they’re not subscribing, they’re not registering for their webinars, they’re not doing the thing that they want them to do.

So the first thing to consider is, did you ask them to do something? Did you put in a call-to-action?

And, the reaction I usually get is, “Well no, I didn’t ask them to do anything, that’s awkward and weird, and besides, it’s fairly obvious that I want them to subscribe to my channel if they like my content.”

Actually, it’s not obvious, because first of all, your audience, they’re not mind readers, number one, and number two, the nature of people being on the Internet, scouring for information, they’re not really poring over the content.

They’re sort of like skimming the Internet, and then they find your article, and then they find it really useful, and they absorb it quickly, and then they the move on very quickly to the next thing.

So unless you say, “Stop, I need you to subscribe, or click here, or register, or sign up for something”, they’re not going to.

It’s not obvious to them at that moment in time. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like your content or see that you have something valuable to offer.

It’s that you forgot to ask.

So, number one, make the ask. How do you make the ask? Well, first of all, you don’t do it upfront, because that’s rude.

What you want to do is offer value before you’re asking them to do something for you.

So, you would offer them this great article that you’ve just written, or this great informative video, or maybe they can download a white paper, or an ebook, or something interesting, of value to them, in exchange for what it is that you want, maybe in exchange for registering for your webinar or signing up for your ebook, or whatever it is.

So, number one, make the ask, and number two, make the ask after offering value.

And, number three, ask only for one thing. Don’t take advantage, don’t be greedy and say, “Can you subscribe to my YouTube channel and while you’re there, can you also sign up for my eblast, and also, you know, follow me on Twitter.”

That’s too complicated and too overwhelming. Just ask for one thing. Make it really simple to understand. Make your call-to-action very easy to understand.

And finally, don’t just make your call-to-action easy to understand, make it easy to execute as well.

Whenever possible, it should just be as easy as one click. Just like, follow my page, click, one click. Or download my ebook and give me your email address in exchange. Just one ,really quick, simple step.

Don’t ask them to fill out a survey or give all their background information. They will get frustrated, they will quit midway. Don’t do it. Just make it really easy to understand and execute at the same time.

Alright, that’s it. I hope you found that useful. I hope you start putting in calls-to-action on all your social media content, and that it gets you better results.

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