[VIDEO] Email Versus Social Media Marketing

Today, I want to answer the age-old question about what is a more effective way to promote your business online.

Is it social media marketing, or is it e-mail marketing?

The answer is both.

(It’s a trick question.)

You want to use both social media and email to promote your business online because each one has their own pros and cons.

So you want to benefit from the pros of both, and you want to override the cons of both.

The benefit of social media marketing is you get access to this seemingly unlimited audience, where you can share your content and draw in people from anywhere really, who might be interested in what you have to offer.

The drawback of social media is that it’s very hard to have control over your audience.

It’s hard to hold onto them. So, even if someone likes your content, and they share it, and they comment on it, and they love it, and they’re a fan, you run the risk of having them here today and gone tomorrow.

Because, it’s very hard, even if they follow your page, they might not see you again for a little while, depending on what time they’re online versus when you post, or algorithms, or all kinds of things that you really don’t have much power over.

Now, email on the other hand, is very reliable, in that you get to send your content directly to someone’s inbox, so you know they’re probably going to see it, or the likelihood of them seeing it and opening it is a lot greater.

The problem with email is that you don’t have access beyond your list. And, it’s hard to grow your list organically, because you don’t want to just spam the entire world – and shouldn’t.

Because, number one, it’s probably illegal, depending on which country you’re from.

And even if it isn’t illegal, or even if you think you’re going to get away with it, it’s ineffective and annoying, and nobody likes to get unsolicited email and you’re just going to hurt your brand more than you’re going to help it by just spamming everybody.

So, how do you get the wide access of social media and the reliability of email?

What you do is, you use social media to put out great content and access this big audience, but you also implement a call-to-action, where you can offer value in exchange for an email address.

So, for instance, you can offer a free e-book, or access to a free webinar, or a downloadable whitepaper, or a PDF, or a template, or something that your audience is really going to love and willingly give up their email address for.

So in this way, you’re offering value, you’re accessing this huge audience on social media, but you’re also using it to build your email list, so that you harness and you can lock down that audience.


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