[VIDEO] Is It Okay To Repost Old Content?

Today, I want to talk about a question that I get a lot, and that is, “Is it okay to repost the same piece of content more than once online?”

The answer is, yes.

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The reason that it’s okay is that chances are someone in your target audience isn’t going to see your blog, or your video, or your meme, or whatever it is, one time and then act upon it.

We used to say it took seven impressions in order for someone in your audience to respond to a call to action. To do something, to buy, or to click or to actually do what it is that you want them to do.

This Rule of Seven was actually from the olden days, like the Dark Ages of marketing, before social media marketing existed. So this was like five to 10 years ago, but really, it feels like a thousand years, right? It was like the medieval times.

So, back then, when it was just basically print in newspapers and magazines and things like that, and maybe a little bit of web marketing, and TV and radio, seven impressions was sort of the standard that everyone used.

Now, it’s more than that, because think about it, how much more inundated with content and advertising and messages are we these days than we were back in those old days?

It’s changed a lot, even though it’s just been a couple of years.

So now, depending on which research you want to follow, it’s anywhere from seven to 21 times, or some people say it’s like 56 times.

I don’t want to get bogged down in numbers. The point is, it’s okay to post the same message more than once. If you want someone to respond to your call to action, you’re going to have to post it more than once.

Now, this means two things.

Number one, you want to make sure your content has an evergreen quality to it. That means your content isn’t going to be irrelevant any time soon. It’s not going to go into obscurity. It’s something that still counts a year down the line, let’s say.

So, number one, make it evergreen content, and number two, don’t be afraid to reinvent, or repurpose your content.

So, for instance, if you write a blog, you can repurpose it into a video, or repurpose it into micro posts, or memes, pictures with captions under it, etc.

So, it’s the same content, it’s the same information but you’ve repackaged it for different audiences across different platforms.

So, that way, you’ll stay fresh and new all the time even if you don’t have something completely new to say every single week.

Because, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself as a content creator. You’re not a content making machine (completely) so this is a way to get more mileage out of the content that you’re already creating.

I hope you found that helpful, if you did, please subscribe, I put out a new video every single week, and until next week, take care.

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