How Often Should You Blog?

If you Google  “how often should I post on my blog?”, you’re going to get a ton of conflicting theories and no real answer. Go ahead and check, I’ll wait.

While there is no definitive answer when it comes to business blogging, here are some thoughts you can keep in mind when deciding how often is often enough for YOU.


1) Be Meaningful – Don’t just post because you want to post. People don’t have time for fluff and filler. Take your reader’s time seriously and they will take you and your blog seriously. Post when you have something insightful to say… and by the way, you have to come up with something insightful more often than you’d like to 😉 Here are some tips on coming up with ideas if you’re stuck.

2) Be Consistent – If you blog too often (some bloggers post once a day or even more than once a day) you run the risk of being a pain in the inbox and overwhelming your readers who, believe it or not, have lives outside of your blog. Then again, if you post too infrequently, they might not fully engage with you, rendering your blog useless. Whatever balance you find, make sure you post at regular intervals, so your readers aren’t surprised or confused or annoyed by you. If you post weekly (like I do), but then disappear for a few months and then flood your readers with a dozen posts over the course of a few days, you’ll look unprofessional (maybe even crazy).

3) Be Realistic – Be honest about how much time you can dedicate to writing your blog consistently. If it’s not enough, consider enlisting a ghost writer.

4) Be Brief – You’re writing a business blog, not a feature for the Wall Street Journal. So be brief (I like keeping it under 500 words). It is better to blog short and often rather than long and infrequently. If you find you’re writing long, break up your piece into 4 or 5 parts… now you’ve got a month’s worth of blog posts!

5) Be Vigilant – What kind of response does your blog get? Does your number of likes and views go up or down with your post frequency? Ask for feedback!

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