"2 out of 3 Canadians use social media DAILY" – and other reasons your business needs an online presence

According to a recent video entitled “The Internet Revolution” put out by BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada), only 17% of businesses have an online presence, despite the fact that:squirrel

* 84% of Canadians are connected to the Internet
* 2 out of 3 Canadians use social media DAILY
* over 50% of Canadian own a smartphone
* on average, Canadians own 2.6 Internet-capable devices
*42% of Canadians check out consumer reviews before making a purchase
* over 50% of smartphone users use their device to compare prices in-store before making a purchase
* 41% shop online
* 93% of Canadian businesses use the Internet to buy from other businesses

So obviously, what this all boils down to, is that you have to be CRAZY not have an online presence if you own a business in Canada, right? Nevertheless, only 17% of Canadians sell online. In fact, 20% of companies with 10 or more employees don’t even have a website.

The video goes on to suggest that a decent online presence can easily and inexpensively be achieved by having a simple and effective website, a presence on social media, and by creating meaningful content.

Need help with your business’s online presence? Get in touch! I can build you an affordable website with or without an integrated blog for your original content, as well as get you up and running on social media.

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P.S. You can view the full BDC video here…



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