5 Easy Jumpstarts For Your Social Media

Sometimes, even the best social media campaigns can use a little boost.

Your social media marketing performance might hit a plateau.

It might stagnate.

Don’t let this happen.

Don’t coast.

Don’t shift into auto-pilot mode.

Giving your company’s social media performance a quick boost doesn’t have to be overly-complicated.

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to jumpstart your social media efforts today…

Update your profiles

You should always make sure your social media profile pages are complete and up-to-date. This will make sure that you stay as visible as possible.

Writing the perfect profile requires skillful copywriting and thoroughly knowing your brand. Be very precise about what it is your business does, who you are, and what value you bring to the target audience you want to engage.

Make sure to use relevant keywords so that your profile comes up in searches.

If it’s been a while since you created or updated your social media profile, you may want to ensure that you are making use of the latest features each social media platform has to offer.

For instance, have you uploaded video content to your LinkedIn profile? Are you using location tags to draw attention to your business storefront in Facebook and Instagram? Are your images still the correct size and resolution for best results?

Check in on your profiles every now and then. After all, you’re not necessarily the same person or business you were when you first created your accounts!

Get testimonials

Testimonials are incredibly effective at converting online traffic into solid leads and new clients.

Many social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, reserve space for your business’s reviews and testimonials because they know how well they work.

Collecting recent and relevant testimonials from credible sources and clients is a great way to bulk up your social media presence.

The best way to get testimonials is to simply just ask for them, and give them back in return.

Remember – you don’t necessarily have to be a client in order in to give a testimonial. Colleagues, collaborators, and anyone who can honestly vouch for your work can offer worthy testimonials.

Audit your posting schedule

Are you certain you are scheduling your posts at the best times of day, for maximum visibility?

Just in case, try shaking things up a bit and schedule your posts at different times and observe if your engagement improves.

You can even go about it scientifically by checking out your Facebook and Instagram insights to see when your audience is predominantly online.

Facebook and Instagram offer these insights for free if you have business profiles, which are also available for free. Make sure you are using these invaluable resources!

Zero in on influencers

Is there someone you’d really like to make a connection with on social media? Perhaps they are an influencer, an author, a podcaster, or someone who is kind of a big deal on the Internet. Maybe they’ve helped you build your business, your confidence, or your industry knowledge. Perhaps they’d make a good guest blogger, affiliate, or interviewee for your content.

Sharing valuable third-party content and engaging with others should be a part of your social media efforts, but try doubling up on that effort by focusing on a handful of influencers. Be strategic about whose content you share and comment on.

Make a focused effort to provide value and build credibility with an influencer or someone you admire professionally.

Just don’t be a creepy stalker. There’s a difference.

What I am talking about is adding value to an influencer and their online community. You might eventually get noticed and make a connection with the influencer themselves, or you might connect and grow your network sphere with like-minded individuals who are on similar career and lifestyle paths as you are. Either way, it’s a win, and an effective way to raise your profile on social media.

Focus on providing value to one (or three) influencers a month and see what happens.

Use more social video

Video is the future of social media marketing.

Video has proven to be better at engaging a targeted audience, and converting leads into customers, than any other type of content.

Better than written content.

Better than images.

Nothing is better than video.

Creating original video content and leveraging the power of native video will dramatically improve your return on investment on social media.

If you’d like a step-by-step tutorial on how to use video to turbo-charge your social media presence — for FREE — sign up for my mini-course now.

Don’t let your social media marketing campaign stagnate by shifting into auto-pilot mode. You can easily amp up your social media presence by making sure your profiles are complete and up-to-date, asking for testimonials, auditing your posting schedule, zeroing in on influencers, and leveraging social video.


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