3 Reasons to Update Your Headshot

If you’re a business owner, you should have a professional head shot. A great head shot has tons of uses:

* as a profile photo on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
* on your website, e-newsletter and blog
* on your business card and marketing materials

So how often should you update your headshot? Here are 3 reasons to get a new headshot done (below the slideshow):

1) You’ve Aged – It happens to the best of us. Some may even say it’s unavoidable. Consider getting a new headshot done every 1-2 years, when you might look a little more seasoned. After all, if there is a discrepancy between your age in real life and how you appear in your headhsot, you might come across as a phony or a liar. Don’t make your potential client suspect there isn’t any truth in your advertising; introduce yourself with an accurate headshot to build trust before you get that crucial first face-to-face meeting.

2) You’ve Changed – Have you gained or lost weight? Got new glasses or contact lenses? Sporting some new facial hair? Again, you don’t want to appear sketchy simply because you’re no longer what your headshot says you are.

3) Your Business Has Changed – You may still hold the same job title but has your business changed? Are you still approaching the same clientele? Maybe you’re a lawyer who used to cater to major corporations and you had a very powerful and stoic hedshot. But now, a few years later, you’ve decided you want to use your lawyer skills to fight for environmental causes and stand up for the little guy. You’re still a lawyer, but you’re representing a completely different brand. The environmental lawyer is going to want to appear much more laid back and approachable than the corporate lawyer.

TIP! Your headshot photographer should ask you about your work and the image you want to convey. Not all headshots are created equal.

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