Reluctant Blogger, What's Holding You Back?

When I was six, I was introduced to the deep end of a swimming pool. As I stood there by the edge of the pool for what seemed like a REALLY long time, I must have imagined every possible thing that could have gone horribly wrong by jumping in.

Eventually, someone pushed me in and I’m still a crummy swimmer to this day, but that part of the story is unimportant. The part that’s important is where I stand at the edge filling my mind with self-doubt and misery.swim

That’s the scene that plays in my mind whenever I’m about to launch a new blog with a client. Often, we’ve spent hours fine-tuning the look and features of their blog, I’ve coached them on branding and content, all they have to do is start blogging and then… they freeze. I can see it in their eyes: absolute terror, standing at the edge of the pool, making excuses to not go for it.

So. Many. Excuses.

I’ve never tossed a client into the deep end, so to speak, but I’ve had some lengthy discussions about what’s REALLY stopping them from writing their original content. And most of the time, it boils down to an inner voice saying, “why would anyone care about what you have to say?”

In other words, they don’t yet perceive themselves as an expert or a consultant in their field. They may see themselves as a business owner and a worker or technician within their industry, but not someone able to dispense valuable advice to a captive audience.

It sounds like a small thing, but when you’re standing at the edge of that pool and the water is deeper than you are tall, it’s a massive obstacle to have to overcome.

Seeing yourself as an expert is a significant mind-shift, and it doesn’t always come easily. The thing is, you can’t always wait until you feel like an expert before you start blogging, because then you might wait forever. You need to just go for it. And once you start, you may be surprised at how much you know. Blogging will gradually make you feel like an expert. Then the mind-shift will happen and then suddenly you’ll be an expert! Ta-da!

This mind-shift has to happen if you’re writing any kind of original content, be it in the form of an email newsletter or a tweet or a Facebook post. Need a push? Contact me! – Nishi

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