Not Enough Followers? Stop Stressing and Look At It This Way

Are you stressed because you don’t have enough followers on social media?

We’ve all been there.

As a business owner trying to promote your product or service on social media, a high follower count can feel vital.

That kind of thinking can cause a lot of anxiety.

While you’re working on building more connections and growing your audience on social media, here’s a way of thinking about it that can hopefully relieve some of that stress.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself, “How any followers do I want, anyway?”

Now, the first answer that usually crosses any entrepreneur’s mind is, “AS MANY FOLLOWERS AS POSSIBLE! I WANT ALL THE FOLLOWERS!”


And that’s a valid thought but, the problem is, when you don’t give yourself a defined goal, you’ll never feel like enough is enough.

You’ll never free yourself from thinking you don’t have enough followers.

Remind yourself that it isn’t how many new followers that is important, but how much new business this translates into.

After all, you’re not using social media to become a celebrity, you’re on it to grow your business.

It’s easy to forget because social media is designed to make us think that everything is a giant popularity contest.

But, in reality we’re actually just here as business owners trying to make a living.

So, my next question for you is then, “How many new clients do you want?”

Not how many FOLLOWERS – but how many CLIENTS.

That changes things, doesn’t it?

Because if you’re reading this, chances are you don’t need 10,000 new clients.

Most of you reading this aren’t trying to sell 10,000 widgets by the end of the month.

From what I know about my audience, if you’re reading this, you’re likely hoping for 10 or 20 – maybe 30 – solid clients.

More than likely, you’re operating in some kind of consulting space, you’ve authored a book, you’re selling courses and programs. You’re professionals, coaches, keynote speakers, and educators.

So, if this sounds like you, you theoretically don’t need more than 20 or 30 totally engaged followers, who are completely aligned with your business and will most certainly refer you or purchase from you.

Now of course, that’s a very impractical and purely theoretical way of looking at things.

Of course, you want more than 30 followers.

But what this thinking forces you to consider is the importance of quality over quantity.

So don’t get tangled up in how many followers you have.

Instead, get caught up in measuring success the right way.

Be more concerned with if the followers you’re attracting are the right followers.

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