How to Make a Promo Video Without Sounding Promotional

How many times have you watched a promotional video on social media, and you just could not make it to the end?

A lot of corporate videos are hard to watch.

Especially when they go something like this:

“Hello! I’m a very important entrepreneur and influencer. I reached my outlandish goals and so can you. Just send money.”

The end.

There are mainly 2 things wrong with this type of video:

  1. The focus of the video is on the person making the video – NOT the audience.

  2. The video’s call-to-action is to hire this company or person, but they didn’t invest any time earning the audience’s trust. They haven’t proven WHY they’d be a good person to call if you want to reach your goals.

Videos like this come off sounding braggy and salesy.

In other words, a complete turn-off.

Chances are, you DO NOT want to be one of these entrepreneurs.

So, how do you promote your product or service without sounding too promotional?

How do you make a sales video without sounding too salesy?

How do you appear confident and knowledgeable without looking boastful or obnoxious?

When making a company video (that doesn’t stink), keep TWO things in mind:

  1. Focus on the audience. Who are they? What problems do they face? What goals do they have?

  2. Help. Offer a quick tip or bullet list of items that is going to immediately make life better for your audience. Your abundance of knowledge and experience will shine through while you offer value. This builds your credibility as an expert, and forges a connection with your desired audience. You don’t have to sell them anything (yet). Just prove that you can help them.

And, whatever you do, don’t worry about not being able to help everyone.

Because it is impossible to help everybody. Just focus on the people that you can help; not the people who don’t want your help, not the people who don’t need your help, and not the people who are better than you at something (yes, there’s going to be those people – just accept it. It’s fine!)

There are people out there who need you right now, as you are.

Focus on them.

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