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FAV 5 – Recommended Reading For Smart Entrepreneurs (April 28, 2016)

Hello Entrepreneurs, Welcome to our FAV 5… recommended reading/watching to help you obliterate your business goals! The Tidal Wave Is Overrated Seth Godin The Secret Of Massively Creative People [VIDEO] Robin Sharma Reframing the Narrative on Entrepreneurship Gary Vaynerchuck How To Stop Feeling Rushed At Work (3 Elite Principles) Dr. Isaiah Hankel These 2 Habits…

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How to Write a Controversial Blog Without Embarrassing Your Business

The most interesting blogs are opinionated and spark controversy and conversation. It’s difficult to write a controversial blog when you write for business. For the business blogger, if you’re too controversial, you run the risk of alienating your audience. However, if you’re too middle-of-the-road, you run the risk of being boring… and then alienating your…

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