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When is the BEST Time to Post on Facebook?

If you’re posting on Facebook for your small business, then you’ve undoubtedly wondered, “When is the best time of day to post my incredibly valuable content on Facebook?” And if you’ve wondered this, you’ve probably Googled this question and done some investigating on the subject already. And if you’ve done some research, you’ve probably noticed…

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Getty Images Now Offering Free Stock Photos For Blogs

Bloggers! Don’t you hate it when you’ve written the perfect piece for your blog, only to have to tarnish it with some cheesy-but-free-to-use clip art? You could always just not include a photo… but on top of limiting your SEO, your blog just won’t be as eye-catching. While there’s always the option of taking your…

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7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Page (not a Profile)

If you’re thinking of using Facebook to promote your business, you should be thinking of setting up a Facebook Page, that operates separately from your personal Profile. Here are 7 reasons to create a Facebook Page for your business: 1) Because you have to. It’s a Facebook rule. You can’t blatantly use a Profile to…

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