Vlogging For Buisness 101

WHAT is a Vlog?

Video + Blog = Vlog

A Vlog is a type of website or part of a website that is periodically updated with content in the form of videos. These videos have the potential to educate, entertain, and excite! They can also market your business to a captive audience.

WHY Vlog for Business?

* position yourself as an expert in your field of expertise

* create content to attract potential clients to your site

* adding video to your site or blog will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means you will rank higher in Google searches (and other search engine searches)

* video is more persuasive and easier to digest than written text; visitors tend to dwell on video much longer than they do on text, giving you more of an opportunity to drive your message home

* As business owners, we all have a product or service we want to sell. But web-savvy audiences aren’t interested in being bombarded with more advertising; it’s all become background noise o them, so if you approach your potential buyer with a sales pitch, they will block you out. What they DO want is content; that is, free advice and education.

WHO Should Vlog?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, teachers… pretty much EVERYONE should Vlog! Anyone who craves a following, needs original content, seeks credibility, and wants to get their message out there, should Vlog!

If you’re an event planner, vlog wedding and event planning tips. If you’re a fitness guru, vlog exercise demos and health tips. If you’re a chef, vlog your very own online cooking show. If you’re an interior decorator, vlog design ideas. If you’re a business coach, vlog your wisdom and insights.

WHEN should you Vlog?

You want your Vlog to do two things:

* Grab someone’s attention

* KEEP their attention

So it’s not enough that you produce one kickass video; you want to unleash a series of kickass videos, so your following stays tuned, so they become your captive audience. Releasing a new video periodically is ideal; often enough so that your audience doesn’t tune out, but not too often so that they don’t feel over-inundated with information overload (which can feel like spam). You can intersperse your vlog entries with written blog updates, audio files, photographs, graphics, etc. and definitely make sure you have something to say whenever you post an update.

WHERE should you Vlog?

To be effective, your Vlog should be backed up by a social media campaign. Broadcast your Vlog, along with your Blogging activities, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and e-newsletter.

HOW do you Vlog?

You can certainly do it yourself. And many people do. However…

For those approaching a more exclusive following, who are more image-conscious and want to appear more savvy and sophisticated to a more discerning viewer, we recommend you hire a professional videography studio to handle your Vlog production (and, by that, yeah we mean hire us). You hire a pro to cut your hair, you hire a pro to do your taxes, you hire a pro to fix your basement, and you hire a pro to handle your video.

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