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Social Media Coaching sessions are one-on-one, and are customized to your needs. Topics of discussion can (but are certainly not limited to):

  • getting started in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube
  • the various features of Facebook Timeline
  • Twitter terminology
  • managing your WordPress blog
  • what kind of content should you be posting
  • publicizing your blog using Social Media

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Our Blog Creation package includes:

  • registration and setup of a blog/site in WordPress
  • design and layout
  • choose from a variety of templates
  • basic customization included
  • advanced customization available for an additional cost
  • a 1-hour training session where we cover
    • how to update and maintain your blog
    • basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks
    • how to get more subscribers and readers

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Don’t let those old home movies gather dust and wither away. Old tapes deteriorate with time, and you may no longer have the playback equipment you need to appreciate them. We can transfer and preserve your precious memories onto DVD if they’re on any of the following formats:

  • Video 8
  • Analog 8 mm
  • Mini DV
  • SVHS
  • VHS
  • Audio analog cassette
  • 35 mm slides
  • 35 mm photo negatives

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If you’re in business, it goes without saying that you need a good-looking corporate headshot. It’s a seemingly small thing but you’ll find uses for one pop up everywhere:

  • as a profile photo on social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • as an author/contributor photo on newsletters, blogs, online and printed publications
  • on your business card, advertising and marketing materials

For your convenience, we can set up a portable photo booth at your office or in your boardroom, so you don’t have to spare too much of your busy workday. You also have the option of traveling to our studio location if space is an issue.

If there are several people at your organization who would like professional headshots, consider organizing a HEADSHOT MARATHON (of 5 or more heads) and enjoy a corporate discount!

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