FREE Chapter “DIY Social Media For Your Business”

Hey Entrepreneur,


Not all business owners are in a  position where they can invest in an agency who can manage their social media for them.

At the same time, it’s frustrating because you feel lost as to how to manage your company’s social media on your own.


What’s a busy business owner supposed to do?


You know better than anyone that your business will get left behind if you don’t jump on social media and build an online presence.


You know you’re missing out on leads, building brand awareness, engaging your target audience, and expanding your clientele. If only you knew what to do. If only you had a plan.


Don’t worry. You can have a solid social media strategy all laid out for you, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about algorithms, or funnels, or lead magnets, or any of that stuff.


My online course, “Social Media DIY” is designed for the entrepreneur who is starting from scratch and needs a social media strategy they can execute on their own, without all the lingo and jargon – like, yesterday.

And, you can now get the first chapter for FREE…

The reviews are in!

“The best two hours I have spent on my business in the past year.

I recently completed Nishi’s “DIY Social Media” course, and highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs who are looking “level-up” their Social Media game.

Even though I have been promoting my business via social media for almost two years, this course brought to light some errors I had been making (as well as some I was downright ignoring) that were hindering my marketing.

Starting at a basic level, Nishi’s program will guide you forward in a very short period of time to developing messages that matter to your audience. She’ll help you re-think your website copy so that it resonates with visitors, and she’ll help you create engagement that converts to sales.

And isn’t that’s what we’re all in business for anyway?

The presentations are fun to watch and the topics flow naturally. While you may be tempted to rush through the lessons, I suggest that you take your time, think about how you will implement each item, and then take those actions to build your business.”

– Daniel Olexa, CCHt, ACC


“This course is perfect and to the point.

Love that there is a goal and understanding the reason to be on social media. Thanks for making this so easy to consume and execute. I’ve already started to incorporate these techniques. Every small business owner should take this course if they want to keep social media simple and get results.”

– Kim Speed, Purple Moon Creative


Save time, frustration, and confusion by getting the step-by-step plan you need to launch your own social media marketing campaign with this online course.


This course is for the business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur who knows there is value in marketing on social media, but is tired of spinning their wheels.


The online video tutorial will give you a focused, executable strategy in just under 2 hours.


In this course, we will cover…


STEP 1 – Setting a powerful goal


STEP 2 – The Big 5 Social Media platforms you need to be on


STEP 3 – Content creation fundamentals (written, image, and video)


STEP 4 – Driving traffic to a website that doesn’t drop the ball


STEP 5 – Creating a fast and easy lead magnet that gets noticed


STEP 6 – Growing your email list


STEP 7 – Launching an email campaign


STEP 8 – How to conduct a social media audit

If you’re ready to put together a powerful social media strategy for your business, “DIY Social Media” is the online video course that will give you an immediately actionable game plan. Sign up for your free chapter now.