3 Signs You Need a New Headshot

A great-looking headshot is an opportunity to put your best foot forward, to make a positive impact on your potential client.

So don’t muck it up 😉

Here are 3 signs you need a less crappy headshot:

  1. If you like Pina Coladas… If your headshot is a cropped vacation photo, you’re in need of a better headshot. Seriously, we can all tell that you cropped out the margarita in your left hand and the salsa dancer in your right. Is this really the image (not to mention the composition, the lighting, the glaze in your eye) you want to portray for business.
  2. Karma Chamelon… If you get a lot of people exclaiming “That’s you?!?” it may be time to get a new headshot. If your headshot is too old, or your fashion sense, facial hair, or hairdo has changed since your last photoshoot, it’s time for an update!
  3. If Looks Could Kill… The whole point of a headshot is to make you seem approachable and familiar. You want to come off as professional and trustworthy, not aloof or pretentious. It’s got to make people want to invest time and money in you, not shirk away in fear or hit you up for a one night stand.

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