Create an Unstoppable Email Marketing Super Team

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Create an Unstoppable Email Marketing Super Team.

Putting out an amazing email newsletter on a regular basis is a great way to market your small business, but for the entrepreneur with limited time and resources, it can feel like a heavy commitment.

Let’s say you want to publish an email newsletter twice a month. That means every two weeks you need to:

Justice League: DC Comics

Justice League: DC Comics

  • come up with ideas that are so brilliant and irresistible that your subscribers can’t wait to read them
  • write these articles in a manner that is captivating, informative and speaks to your audience… with no typos
  • design your email so that it looks as pretty as it is smart (never underestimate pretty… pretty gets read… pretty gets clicks… pretty gets business)
  • manage and grow your subscription list
  • spread the word via your social network

So here’s an idea: form an elite Super Team of email marketers and become more powerful than ever!

Your Super Team should consist of a handful (three or four) business owners who are after the same target audience but not in competition with one another. For instance, a Health and Wellness Super Team might consist of: a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, and a registered massage therapist. Similarly, a Business Resources Super Team might include a business coach, a marketing expert, a social media strategist and an accountant. A Wedding Super Team could boast a photographer, a cake designer, a DJ and an event planner. You get the idea.

Why join a Super Team? Because there is strength in numbers. Even Superman has a Justice League, after all. Here are some advantages:

More Content Without Doing (Much) More Work
With a Super Team, you have three or four times the number of articles to include in your email newsletter… making your publication exponentially more awesome and enticing for the reader. And your crazy to-do list remains relatively unscathed.

Cross Promote and Grow Your Reach
Each team member can release the newsletter under their own brand and to their own lists and social networks, but at the same time cross promote the rest of their team. That means each member gets added exposure to their team members’ email lists, Facebooks, Twitters, blogs… think about it. Does world domination seem a little more imminent?

Split the Costs
Consider pooling your resources to hire a ghost writer, proofreader or social media manager to take even more off your hands and deliver an even more spectacular email newsletter to your readers. All in the name of growing your businesses.

Instant Think Tank
Meet with your Super Team periodically to brainstorm ideas for your ongoing email campaign. Collaborating with like-minded, passionate professionals will only breed bigger and better things!

Stay Motivated and Accountable
Nothing like a Super Team to keep you motivated and meeting deadlines. Keep each other accountable and work together like a well-oiled machine with a common purpose.

Need help launching an email campaign with or without a Super Team? Need a Ghost writer? Need someone to manage your Constant Contact and social media? I do all that stuff. Let’s talk! – Nishi

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