How To Come Up With A Powerful Social Media Strategy For Your Business


Often times, when a business owner first dives into social media, they don’t quite know where to start.


So, they don’t start.


Or, they just start somewhere – anywhere.


They try a few things, see what works, try some more things… maybe they get somewhere.


But, their entrepreneurial instincts tell them that they are not getting the best return on their investment into social media.


There’s too much guesswork. There’s no blueprint. They need a strategy.


Because, typically speaking, business owners are great at executing. They love to take action – that is, if they have a plan.


Without a plan, they stall.


They waste fuel and focus.


Stop spinning your wheels. Here’s how – in 3 steps – to come up with a social media strategy that is actionable, will keep you focused, and is designed for the small business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur.


If you’d like to take things further, and get a more in-depth strategy to growing your business on social media, read until the end, where there’s an offer for my course, “8 Steps To A Winning Social Media Strategy”.


1. Have a goal

You can’t hit a target you don’t set!


Social media is fun and playful but as a business owner, don’t dismiss it as anything than a powerful marketing tool.


What’s the first thing you ask yourself when you’re about to invest in a business strategy or marketing endeavor?


“What’s my goal?”




So, what’s your goal on social media? Be specific. Set a timeline. Set targets.


2. Focus on content creation


Your content is the driving force behind your social media strategy.


Without targeted content, nobody has any reason to take interest in following you.


Social media isn’t like old school advertising, where all that mattered was visibility.


Audiences are desensitized now. They are inundated with sales messages everywhere they go.


It’s become meaningless white noise.


What are you going to do to stand out?


You have to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Fill a void. Engage. Provide value.


Are you doing all you can to create effective content?


3. See social media as part of a bigger marketing strategy.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just wave a social media magic wand and *poof* all your online marketing problems would just disappear?!


Fairy tales do come true… but not this one.


Social media is not a standalone marketing tactic.


It works with other parts of your marketing plan.


Your social media strategy is part of a bigger machine.


It works with your website, your email campaign, and yes, even your networking and offline, non-digital marketing efforts.


It reflects your personal brand and your business brand.


If any parts of the machine drops the ball, your social media efforts will be compromised.


If you want to get the most ROI out of social media, see it as part of a bigger picture.


If you’re ready to put together a powerful social media strategy for your business, “8 Steps to a Winning Social Media Strategy” will give you an immediately actionable game plan.

It’s simple, it’s executable, and it will get you results.

This course is for the business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur who knows there is value in marketing on social media, but is tired of spinning their wheels.

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In this course, we will cover…

STEP 1 – Setting a powerful goal

STEP 2 – The Big 5 Social Media platforms you need to be on

STEP 3 – Content creation fundamentals (written, image, and video)

STEP 4 – Driving traffic to a website that doesn’t drop the ball

STEP 5 – Creating a fast and easy lead magnet that gets noticed

STEP 6 – Growing your email list

STEP 7 – Launching an email campaign

STEP 8 – How to conduct a social media audit

Get access to almost 2 hours of video tutorials now.

If you’re ready to put together a powerful social media strategy for your business, “8 Steps to a Winning Social Media Strategy” will give you an immediately actionable game plan.


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