5 Reasons to Transfer Your Old Home Videos to DVD

Who doesn’t have memories of their parents squinting behind some big honkin’ camera trying to capture your youth forever onto video? While those days are far behind us, the analog tapes remain. You know those old cassettes are out there in some shoebox gathering dust: the dance recitals, the Santa Clause parades, the family vacations, the first words, the school plays, the hockey games, the weddings, the first pet cat, the birthdays and the graduations. Precious memories: nostalgic, hysterical and sometimes embarrassing, all locked away where no one can access them… doesn’t seem right, does it?

Here are 5 reasons to transfer those old tapes to DVD…

Tape degrades over time

Even tapes that are stored properly are at risk for damage. The cassette cartridges break, the tapes degrade, wear out and snap. Backing the tapes to DVD (with little to no quality loss) not only gives you a safe and reliable backup copy, but it’s a format that stands the test of time. Once those tapes are damaged beyond repair, they’re lost forever. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Your tape player might be dead or dying

These days, fewer people are likely to own a working VHS or Video 8 camera or deck, which means your old tapes can’t be played. It hardly seems worth it to invest in an extinct technology, especially when that money could go towards a shiny new HD camcorder. Updating your tapes to DVD means everyone can enjoy them.

Make some space!

Who doesn’t want some extra closet space? One bulky VHS tape recorded in SP can hold up to two hours of footage, while a slim, compact DVD can do the same.

Makes a great gift for that person who “has everything”

Looking for a great gift for that person who already owns enough gizmos, gadgets, knick knacks and closet fodder? Giving someone the gift of re-living their best moments is one-size-fits-all, and never goes out of style. Parents and grandparents are especially excited to watch old home videos; they don’t really need another sweater for their birthday or anniversary, they’d much rather see their baby take his first steps.

It’s not expensive

If you don’t have the equipment, time or patience to transfer your videos to DVD by yourself, you can hire someone to do it relatively inexpensively.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Night Day Productions can transfer the following tape formats to DVD:

  • Video 8
  • Analog 8 mm
  • Mini DV
  • SVHS
  • VHS
  • VHS-C

Night Day Productions can also make data discs from your old 35mm negatives and slides, as well as make CDs from old audio cassettes.

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