3 Paths to Good Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma: If you do nice things for people on Twitter, nice things will happen to you. You give a little, you get a little.

So here are 3 easy, nice things you can do for others on Twitter that will not only make you feel good (unless you’re a jerk), but will also likely get you more followers and more engagement with the followers you already have. More followers and more engagement are good for business! So here we go:

1. Retweet – If you find someone’s tweet to be particularly interesting and you think it will appeal to your following, share it with a retweet. Always credit your source. You get content for your Twitter feed, and someone gets a shout-out. Win-win.

What will hopefully also happen is that the person you retweeted will take notice of you and might try to repay the favour down the road. Another win-win.

2. Write a testimonial – Have you recently tried a product or service that turned out to be really great? Tweet your experience and don’t forget to mention the business that made you happy by their twitter handle (using the “@” symbol) so that they get notified. The great thing is, you only have 140 characters so it’s not like you have to slave over writing your testimonial. It’s something very small that could mean a whole lot to someone out there.

What will likely happen is that your testimonial will get retweeted by the grateful business, and other similar businesses might then want to follow you since you’re such a nice person who appreciates great products and service. Yay, more followers! You might also get a thank-you from the business you love and now you’ve started a conversation with them… could this lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship? Only time will tell.

3. Be thankful! – If anyone does any of the above for you, don’t forget to thank them! It’s the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Plus, it’s polite.

Don’t obsess too much if you haven’t got a lot of followers; what’s more important is the quality of the followers you have. Are they the kind of people and businesses that are good for you to know (on a personal and professional level)? Are you having conversations with them and are you helping each other out?

Thanks for reading and good Karma be with you!

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