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Blog Got You Bogged Down? 5 Reasons to Hire a Ghost Writer

Many small business owners agree that blogging is great for business. After all, a well-written, properly targeted blog can: be launched and maintained for little to no expense be used to position yourself as a credible expert in your industry attract and convert new leads attract the attention of referral partners keep clients and prospects…

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Social Media Survival Tips for the Holidays!

We are fast approaching the holiday season and while your thoughts may be slipping from running a small business to last minute shopping and how to ambush that special someone under the mistletoe, let’s please keep a few social media parameters in check: 1) DON’T make it easy for thieves to rob you – If…

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HACKED!? What To Do If Your Twitter Gets Compromised

Has this ever happened to you? You innocently log onto Twitter and suddenly you notice several spammy tweets that you don’t remember posting. You’ve also apparently sent out direct messages to all your followers leading them on with suspicious links. Or you’re suddenly following some questionable tweeters. How puzzling. You feel like that guy in…

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Social Media and the "Popularity Myth"

One of the most popular burning questions I get from new social media clients is:  “Can you get me more followers?” The answer, of course, is “yes” but it comes with a “but.” Specifically: “Yes, I can get you more followers, but you don’t want more followers. What you want is more of the right…

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4 Questions to Kick-Start Your Business's Social Media Strategy

Holy Hashtags, Batman… can you believe it’s already December? This time of year, while normal people are wondering what to buy and what to eat and who to avoid over the holidays, small business owners and solo-preneurs are likely starting to think about what they can do to drum up more business. Re-vamping your social…

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